In LOGÍSTICA CUNI we have been offering a quality transport and logistics service for more than 20 years.
Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide full coverage for all national and international land transport operations.
We guarantee the total satisfaction of each of our customers through a process of initial contact, quotation, transport and shipment tracking that prioritises close and personal customer service, as well as safe, efficient and punctual transport.

Why choose land transport?

More cost-effective

By not depending on other infrastructures,
the cost of transport and thus the shipping budget is reduced.


It is the cheapest type of freight transport, as its costs are lower than those of other means of transport such as ships, planes and even trains.


Allows very convenient access to the premises or to the consignee, thus allowing for safer delivery.



Thanks to its time flexibility, it offers faster delivery speed over short and medium distances..

Wide network coverage

Today, the road network has grown considerably, which facilitates the transport and faster arrival of goods..

Shipping security

The driver shall at all times be responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of the consignment..

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